Our Pillars
TBEF’s three pillars of Food Aid, Education, and Healthcare were chosen to combat hunger, illiteracy, and poor healthcare prevalent in vulnerable communities in Malaysia. These pillars are interwoven as without one, it triggers a vicious cycle of poverty and needs.

Without proper nourishment, children are especially vulnerable to poor nutrition which stunts physical and mental development. That could lead to a myriad of chronic health problems that keeps them out of school.

Consequently, a lack of education prevents children who grew up into adults from finding a better job that can improve socioeconomic status to increase their quality of life. The vicious cycle of poverty will, unfortunately, come full circle.

With these pillars guiding TBEF’s initiatives, we hope we can significantly transform the lives of the marginalised communities to improve their quality of life as individuals and eventually in their communities.
At TBEF, we practise stewardship giving, where every cent entrusted to us by donors is accounted for and the donors will be able to learn how your giving impacts the lives of the underserved.

All donations are spent in the efforts to better serve those in need, and here's an overview of where our funds go to:
Where Our Funds Go To

Food Aid


Supports close to 500 families
Includes a curation of locally manufactured household food products to provide basic nourishment



Positively impacts 800 children
Monetary support for educational programmes and teachers' allowances as well as itemised aids including school supplies



Access to basic healthcare
Includes basic sanitisation and hygiene items and programmes to care for mental and emotional health well-beings
The three pillars of Food Aid, Healthcare, and Education are, respectively, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, and Quality Education.

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning oppurtunities for all.

Food Aid

Food insecurity impacts people of all ages, but it is especially harmful to the health, growth, and well-being of children. Without food and basic nutrients, children are more susceptible to fall sick and this could affect their performance in school. In the long run, these could impede their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, further risking their chances of creating a better future for themselves.

TBEF has established that the foundation to elevate poverty for a better tomorrow lies in nutrition. We are committed to the movement of ending hunger and malnutrition, and providing sustainable food security to targeted families, especially children, so they have one less thing to worry about for them to focus on their transformative life journey.


WayBox is an initiative to alleviate the worry of not having food on the table for families and children in need. It is the brainchild of TBEF in a collective effort to delivering food aid to targeted families while simultaneously supporting local small and medium enterprises. WayBox includes a curation of locally manufactured household food products to provide basic nourishment among poor households for their growth and development. More activities are underway to support this programme.


Education is an important stepping stone to break the cycle of poverty and without it, children are left feeling powerless and hopeless in making a change. It is the gateway to building passionate, skilled, and ambitious future generations that have the ability to uproot poverty and transform their lives and that of the communities.

TBEF strives to build a sustainable future for the next generations and believes that the best way to do so is by empowering children through quality education. We believe that education is the key to unlocking their power to take charge of their future. By enabling them to recognise and harness their full potentials through education, hope is instilled and in return, acts as an impetus to eradicate poverty from their lives.


TruthBox is a programme to continuously advocate the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty. TBEF has worked closely with local NGO partners to provide holistic care and education in the form of monetary and itemised aids. They include boxes of back-to-school supplies, teachers’ allowance, language and literacy camps, Student Adoption Programme, Tuition Programme, as well as Study Loans for Higher Education.


Health is an asset to be invested in but often overlooked. It is a basic precondition for people to take an active role in transforming their lives; be it in their family, work-life, or the community. Unfortunately, basic necessities to maintaining good health such as clean water, sanitisation, and hygiene are more often than not seen as luxuries for the impoverished.

TBEF believes that enabling access to safe water, adequate sanitisation, and basic hygiene forms the outset of uprooting poverty and transforming the community from within to be independent and self-sustainable. A healthy body extends to a healthy mental and emotional wellbeing, and good health itself is the enabler of change, so we want to make sure it is taken care of.


LifeBox is a programme to address the basic health necessities in terms of sanitisation and hygiene. More than just itemised boxes that include toiletries, supplements, and pandemic-proof items such as surgical face masks and hand sanitiser, it also incorporates a vaccination programme in the near future.
About Us
The Bountiful Eye Foundation is a child-focused non-profit organisation serving underserved communities in Malaysia in the areas of food aid, education, and healthcare; empowering and initiating a positive transformation in their lives for a sustainable future.
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