"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Confucius
We are indeed excited about the upcoming launch of the Waymart. This will be our first step toward a larger goal. We'd like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your belief in Waymart's efforts to support non-profit organisations in creating self-sustaining social entrepreneurial economy in their communities. With all sales proceeds going back to support the community.

First of all, I would like to thank TBEF for giving us this opportunity to start Waymart Project in JB.

Fish & Loaves Berhad is a newly setup NGO registered in Jan this year. During the MCO, we have been distributing dry foodstuff & groceries to the poor & needy families including charitable homes in JB. From food supplies, we hope to enable the community towards self sustaining projects via biz opportunities like Waymart. This is in line with Fish & Loaves mission of
"Community transformational development programmes"

Our vision is to be the salt & light to the sick, poor & needy community in Johor Bahru and if God's willing, to all nations as well.

As we understand the financial difficulties faced by many charitable organisations to maintain their day-to-day running expenses. With the lack of public donations flowing in during this economic downturn, we hope the Waymart Project will be able to assist them be self-sustainable with the support of the community at large.

If it is God's will, we plan of expanding the network to more needy communities; engaging with the donors and public to take part in this project together for a better community moving ahead.

Mr. Desmond Leong
Director of Fish and Loaves Berhad

Waymart - We build each other to empower the community
Stay tuned for more updates as TBEF anticipating to commemorate the success of our partnership with the NGO. 
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The Bountiful Eye Foundation is a child-focused non-profit organisation serving underserved communities in Malaysia in the areas of food aid, education, and healthcare; empowering and initiating a positive transformation in their lives for a sustainable future.
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