WayBox Making its Way to Families in Need
It's hard to grasp the difficulties faced daily by the deprived families. It's not hard to support.
Sept 9 – WayBox is the brainchild of The Bountiful Eye Foundation (TBEF) with the intention of delivering food aid to targeted families while supporting local small and medium enterprises at the same time. All food items in WayBox are manufactured locally and selected to accommodate the needs for energy and nutrition among poor households.

The inception of WayBox began in the midst of the early Movement Control Order (MCO) before preparation work started in early July. Volunteers from LINACO were mobilized to prepare and pack items into these food boxes before they were delivered to designated places.

First 500 WayBox were successfully packed and delivered in early August. Some of the beneficiaries include families under the networks of MyKasih Foundation, Dignity for Children Foundation, HELP Community Learning Centre, House of Hope Penang, and Kechara Soup Kitchen. Every month, 500 sets of WayBox will be delivered based on recommendations by our partners.

The number of people going hungry or encountering food insecurity has continuously increased.
According to International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), malnutrition is the single largest contributor to diseases around the world. Therefore, we are committed in the movement of ending hunger and malnutrition, especially among children, by engaging ourselves in delivering food aid and building partnerships with various stakeholders.
About Us
The Bountiful Eye Foundation is a child-focused non-profit organisation serving underserved communities in Malaysia in the areas of food aid, education, and healthcare; empowering and initiating a positive transformation in their lives for a sustainable future.
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